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Outstanding Receivables
Delayed Payments
Interest Free Business
Business Growth Problem?
Bounced Cheques?
Easy way to pay vendors
Begging for your own money?

MSME have ₹15 Tn in receivables

Cases worth > ₹18K Crores dues pending

Avg. Receivables for  MSME are ₹ 2-3 crores

No. of MSME growing at 7.6% YoY

Avg Debtors Days in India > 210

MSME Loans increased by 50% b/w 2016-20

Win-Win for you and your customers


Get paid by your customers on time

Transact safely with new customers from any all over India

Focus on growing business and not on recoveries

Pay your vendors on time and improve your credibility with them


Do business without paying Interest

Improve your negotiation power for better credit terms

Improve relationship and credibility with vendors

Improve Cash Flow management and improve your credit score

Get loans and credit from your choice of banks

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