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Cash Flow the real business problem

One of the biggest issues most businesses are facing today are not the orders but the receipt of payments. We have seen many  businesses shut down due to cash flow issues. They have not received their payments on time from their customers and they owe large amounts to their vendors.

This becomes a vicious cycle where one doesn’t pay the other and it continuous down till the weakest link drops.

We ourselves have seen multiple businesses take on loans to clear their debt to their suppliers while still waiting for their money from their customers.

We understand this pain and as a result we introduce Pakka Pay!!

Get #PakkaPaid

Get paid on time by Pakka Pay in 3 simple steps

Account opening

Account Opening

Simply get in touch with us and you and your customers open a Pakka Pay account.

Making payment via QR code

Scan QR Code

The next time customers ask you for credit period, simply ask them to scan your QR. Enter the transaction details and submit.

Money received in your bank account

Get PakkaPaid

That's it!!! Just relax and you will get money in your bank account. Pakka!!!

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