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  • What is Pakka Pay?
    Pakka Pay is a method by which businesses can ensure that they get paid on time, ensuring better cash flow management and lower your debt.
  • Why do I need Pakka Pay?
    If you like crores of business owners in India struggle to get their payments on time, then Pakka Pay is for you. We understand the importance of receiving money on time and the strain that it puts on profitable businesses when they do not receive their due money on time.
  • Is it a long & troublesome process to get #PakkaPaid?
    No. You and your just have to create a one time account with us and then it is as simple as Scan QR Code, Enter Transaction details and click confirm. On the due date, you get the money in your account!! You can undertake transactions multiple times a day with all your customers and get #PakkaPaid
  • How will it benefit my customer?
    They can do the business without paying any interest, improve their credit worthiness and you still get paid on time.
  • Is Pakka Pay safe?
    Absolutely. We use the top of the line security and encryption that all the top websites in the world follow to ensure that your information is safe.

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